A Look Back

A Look Back

The holiday season is in full swing and the New Year quickly approaches, and as with many others this time of year, we too are reflecting on what the past 365 days have meant to us.

2014.  In a word; WOW!  The Fountain Hills Office of Tourism has many incredible things to reflect on this year.  First thing is first, 2014 has brought the tourism program under Town direction and with that the creation of our dynamic duo!  Where would I be without my other half, Rachael?  Well I can tell you one thing for sure; Tourism Thursdays would be very boring without her!  Over the past year Rachael and I have been working hard to bring excitement and exposure to Fountain Hills.  From this program we have launched a successful social media campaign, redesigned our tourism look and launched a major marketing campaign with one goal in mind; we want more visitors!  However, this past year has not just been a journey for the tourism program; it has been a journey for us as well.


We’ve gone to statewide conferences, farmers markets, recreation classes, and special events.  We’ve gorged ourselves on town staples like Senor Taco, Dj’s Bagel Café, and Chocofin.  We have found our fresh, found our food, found our festivals, found our family, and found our fun, but most importantly we have met some incredible people around town and that means that we have found it all!


We may be the team who are charged with bringing this town to visitor’s attention, but in all honesty Fountain Hills has brought itself to our attention.  We have experienced Fountain Hills and now it’s your turn!  We hope this blog inspires you to get out there, try something new, experience something unique that only this incredible town can offer, and find what Fountain Hills means to you.  Here’s to 2015 an everything it has in store for us, see you next year!


The Tourism Team