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Four Peaks Amethyst Mine

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About Four Peaks Mine

The Four Peaks Mine has been producing Amethyst for centuries and those purple gemstones can be found scattered throughout history. The deposit was first discovered by the Native Americans and was used to make beautiful and sharp arrowheads. The Spaniards are believed to have visited the area during their exploration of the Southwest and 3 Amethysts in the Spanish Crown are purportedly from the mine. In more recent history, the mine was ‘discovered’ at the turn of the century by two brothers prospecting for gold.

The mine was patented in the 1920’s and operated sporadically for the next 80 years. Most recently, the mine, situated between the third and fourth peak of the Mazatzal Mountains outside of Phoenix, Arizona, was purchased by Kurt Cavano in 1998 who has operated it since then. It is currently the only commercial Amethyst mine in the US and produces Amethyst ranging from light lilac to dark purple, almost black. It is famous for producing the color know as Siberian Red, deep violet with a red flash, named for the only other known deposit of this color in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Located on privately owned land in the Four Peaks Wilderness section of the Tonto National Forest, the mine is only accessible by helicopter or a long 3-hour hike as there are no roads. Given the wilderness location, the mine is operated with particular attention to the environment. Mining is done by hand and the mine lighting and ventilation is powered using solar panels. Rainwater is captured and purified for drinking.

Learn more about Amethyst and the Four Peaks Mining Company at fourpeaksminingco.com.

Take an Adventure - Four Peaks Arizona Amethyst Mine Tours

Here’s a link: https://fourpeaksmining.com/pages/tour-the-four-peaks-amethyst-mine

The Mine tour includes a helicopter ride up to the mine, located at 6,200 ft, in-between the 3rd and 4th Peaks of the Mazatzal Mountains. You will hike up to the mine entrance where you will be able to enter the Mine and dig for your own Amethyst. You must be at least 12 years of age.

Contact 480-434-6074 to book your place or learn more information.

What you can expect on your tour:
  • An adventure starting with a helicopter ride up to the mine at 6,200ft elevation
  • Information on the history and geography of the unique mine and surrounding area
  • A chance to meet the miners
  • And of course, an opportunity to get in the mine and see if you can find our next prize-winning crystal

Four Peaks Mining Company

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