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"Mumblety Peg" at FH Youth Theater

Date: Feb 24 - Feb 26, 2023

Fountain Hills Youth Theater is proud to announce this season’s YABOY (Young Actors Benefiting Other Youth) production of the original musical drama, “Mumblety Peg.”

Mumblety Peg (the show) is an original musical drama and a 2004 ariZoni award recipient. Written by the award-winning team of Ross Collins and Miciah Dodge, Mumblety Peg tells the poignant story of a high school young adult in crisis, with a retrospective of how he got there. Adolescent issues of teen depression, suicide, bullying, abuse, and loss are at the heart of this play. Taking place in the 1970s, the edgy dialogue pulls heartstrings and illustrates that while technology has changed a lot since the 1970s, many disturbing societal issues remain today; proving we all need to continue working towards change for the better good. Through a thought-provoking script and musical score, we learn about awareness, hope, resilience and the power of self-worth and kindness.

Mumblety Peg (the game), was started in the early 17th century, played with a pocket knife. Each player had to complete a series of throws with the knife. The winner pounds a peg into the ground; the loser puts his hands behind his back and “roots” the peg out of the ground with his teeth (also called “mumbling the peg”). In the words of writer/director, Ross Collins…“I chose “Mumblety Peg” as the central theme, and name of the show because sometimes, we can feel so beaten into the ground that the only way we can ever get out is by the skin of our teeth.”

Fountain Hills Youth Theater is grateful that The UBU Project has partnered with us for this production. Founded by Executive Director and Teaching Artist, David Simmons, The UBU project is a performing arts education outreach organization specializing in social-emotional performing arts integration (SEL-Arts) residencies in K-12 schools, youth centers, group homes and juvenile detention facilities. Their mission is: “The prevention of youth suicide, addiction, and bullying through social/emotional performing arts integration residencies.” Their interactive SEL curriculum remains focused on empowering students through The UBU Treasure Chest of hope, resilience, self-compassion, and empathy as taught through music & songwriting, movement, or theatre. A portion of each full-price ticket to Mumblety Peg will be donated to The UBU Project. Additionally, FHYT will be distributing

information about The UBU Project at each production, and representatives from The UBU Project will be at the theater for select productions and talkbacks.

YABOY is an acronym for “Young Actors Benefiting Other Youth”, a program created by Youth Artistic Director Ross Collins. The goal of the program is to show young actors that their talents can have a positive impact on their peers and that their work can be used to help address social issues that young people encounter and offer channels and recourses to help deal with them. “Mumblety Peg” is directed by Ross Collins, with musical direction by Jay Melberg. Book by Ross Collins; Lyrics by Ross Collins and Miciah Dodge. Music by Miciah Dodge.

"Mumblety Peg" – “a highly sensitive subject is handled in an innovative, thought provoking and yet entertaining way. Many good messages for use. Every teen and parent must see this play together and then TALK.”

“Mumblety Peg” will play Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:00pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm from February 24th to February 26th, 2023. *Rated PG.

For additional information not contained in this press release please call Fountain Hills Community Theater Youth Artistic Director Ross Collins at (480) 837-9661 ext 112.

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