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Greening of the Fountain

Date: Mar 17, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM

It all started on St. Patrick’s Day in 1978 when a young homebuilder rode his horse into a local tavern to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and his heritage. So what could top such a stunt? How about a bet to turn the town’s fountain green, water ski around the fountain, and who doesn’t show up is out $250! So, on St. Patrick’s Day 1979, with a large crowd watching from shore, the world-famous fountain in Fountain Hills was dyed green, and all the bettors skied around the fountain as planned, except for one. He couldn’t get up on the skis.

Now, 45-years later, what started as a bet in a bar has become the annual Greening of the Fountain in Fountain Hills on St. Patrick’s Day. On Thursday, March 17, 2023, at noon. the fountain will flow emerald green. The fountain will be bathed in green light when the sun sets to continue the tradition.

The show is also viewable on the town’s webcam at
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