‘Fount Rushmore’ to Welcome Two New Additions

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will join our Presidential collection of statues in Fountain Park

We think that our snow birds might be feeling a little homesick for Mount Rushmore National Park.  Fountain Park will welcome two new Presidential Art installations in Fountain Park on President’s Day this year making our park look more and more like Mount Rushmore!

Fountain Park, or should we say ‘Fount Rushmore’ will become home to two new Presidential sculptures on Monday, Feb 16, 2015.  There is no more appropriate day than President’s Day to welcome George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Fountain Hills.  The pair will join existing sculptures of Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln on the southwest side of the park, along Saguaro Blvd.

The installation of these two new life-size pieces in “Presidents row” was made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association and the generous donations from the Town of Fountain Hills residents.  These life-size bronzes were created by Colorado artists; George and Mark Lundeen.  Both Lundeen Brothers will be delivering our new acquisitions on Monday, February 16, 2015, at approximately 2 p.m.

Residents are encouraged to visit the park on this day and view the additions to our Town’s treasured art collection.