Intern Adventures

Many interns, who are less fortunate than myself, do not get to boast they are told to spend their work hours experiencing town events and getting to know the many local businesses around the area. Instead they are stuck inside an office building staring out the window as they count down the hours to closing time. While I am no stranger to a long work day, I have been happily consumed by today’s work, before I even notice that it is already time for lunch.Intern Photo

Every now and then I get to spend a little time in town but today’s trip outside the office was special because, for the first time in my three months at the Office of Tourism, I got to dine at Dj’s Bagel Cafe with none other than my own boss. I mean who could possibly say no to a bagel sandwich?

Needless to say I had an incredible BLT on a Jalapeño bagel that was almost as big as me, which really isn’t that hard to find for someone who is only 5’ 2”. So after a great lunch, my supervisor took me up to Lake Overlook Trail, just in time to see the Fountain go off.  It was quite the sight and I must admit I had never seen Fountain Hills look so incredible. The park below us was an incredible sea off green surrounding the sky-high geyser shooting out from the Fountain. It’s no wonder so many visitors travel from far and wide to spend a little time here.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that this internship has already become more than I could have imagined. I dare another intern to say they enjoyed a hike with their boss for lunch. I have yet to have a typical day at the office and I hope I never do.

Here’s to many more intern adventures!