Crowning Glory Tea Room

Our reservations-only tea rooms serve an extraordinary menu in a heavenly atmosphere that fosters true friendship, camaraderie and the making of beautiful memories. Enjoy world-class teas and a sumptuous array of homemade savories and sweets you will not find anywhere else, served on three tiers of fine china, by hosts and hostesses who have a heart for hospitality. Our individual tea parlors each celebrate a different country and the exceptional lives of people who have given us a glimpse of heaven. Our parlors are special and quaint, room enough for you and one or two of your best friends or associates to speak heart to heart while sipping tea on tufted sofas and generously-stuffed wingback chairs. For larger parties, we have appointed Mary’s Garden, our main English tea room, in charming decor that celebrates the beauty of nature through an array of glorious florals. We hope to see you often at the Crowning Glory Tea Room, keeping alive the fine English tradition of taking time away from the bustle and scurry of everyday life to enjoy good times with those we cherish.

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